You Need a ARMY

Fighting to Help You Sell Your Product or Service

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So you've got a product or service that you want to get out there.

With so many channels to choose from where do you even start. The answer is simple, .

The whole world is going online and finding paying customers is almost impossible.

Social media is ultra-competitive. AdWords and SEO take time and budget and LinkedIn paid advertising is too expensive. Where do you turn if you want to sell your product or service?

You need an ARMY to reinforce your sales squadron – getting you in front of the right people using a combination of LinkedIn and email.

We use VA’s from developing nations who need an income.

We provide them with an income, we train them and we manage them using our software and sales methodology.

Think about these numbers:

LinkedIn allows 400 invitations per account per month
100 of those invitations will be accepted
If the message and target is right, 15 of those will show interest
Depending on the price, you might close 1-5


1-5 Deals per month doesn’t sound like much…

UNTIL you scale it:

  • An army of 6 = 600 LinkedIn invitations per week = 6-18 deals per month
  • An army of 12 = 1200 LinkedIn invitations per week = 12-36 deals per month
  • An army of 120 = 120,000 LinkedIn invitations per week = 120-360 deals per month


1. Where does this ARMY of marketers come from?

Anyone who is willing and able to use their own, personal LinkedIn profile to reach potential attendees can sell on LinkedIn. We train people from world countries, who need an income, to become outstanding sales outreach masters.

Deploy our army of existing VA’s and watch them target your ideal audience.

2. How much time do they spend and how do they get paid?

They spend just two hours a week inviting and sending LinkedIn messages to an audience specified by you.

We pay your army a monthly fee which is negotiated based on the quality and type of content that needs to be created for them.

3. Who controls the message?

Critical to success is:

  • The wording of the LinkedIn invitation message
  • The wording of the LinkedIn acceptance message
  • The wording of all follow-up messages
  • The quality of the landing page
  • The quality of the target audience

YOU control what goes out. So You provide your expert input to the content, then we do the set-up and deployment.

We are masters of content creation on LinkedIn. We use "The Captivating One-liner" approach to craft the perfect message for the VA's to send out.

4. Who trains them to sell on LinkedIn?

We provide all training of the VA's and we manage them too.

Our software is simple. Therefore, we are able to train them to execute instructions and deliver the messages we provide them.

5. How is it measured?

We deploy software on each computer.

Firstly, the software contains the instructions for your army to execute on LinkedIn. Secondly, we can see how many LinkedIn invitations they have sent out, how many accepted, and then pass their good quality replies and responses to their captain.

This is called a HANDOVER.

EVERYTHING is measured. You have full transparency and you watch the results roll in.

6. Who owns the resulting database?

It’s yours! We pull all data that your army has collected from LinkedIn into a central location.

7. Who handles support?

Your army will receive basic training, just enough to execute instructions and answer simple FAQs.

They will therefore provide first-tier support and refer all other questions and leads to their CAPTAIN. The CAPTAIN must be supplied by you. Only you know the details of the product or service and only you can ultimately sell it.

8. Do you spam people when you sell on LinkedIn?

Absolutely not!

In fact, we do not hard-sell your event on LinkedIn. Instead, the LinkedIn messages carefully nurture a prospect using high-quality content.

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