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Cork Floors

Cork floors come in the form of edge to edge carpeting, natural cork floor tiles, digitally printed cork tiles, vinyl cork tiles, and other decorative cork floor tiles. Cork tiles are available as glue down or floating (which can be laid on top of existing floors). Cork floor tiles are a sustainable alternative to wooden or synthetic floors tiles. Cork floor tiles are natural, renewable, malleable (returns to the original form after pressure), slip resistant, resistant to wear and impact, anti- static, easy on the feet, joint, back and legs, anti bacterial. Cork flooring is suitable for hospitality, corporate, retail and residential application.


Corkoleum or cork roll flooring is a new concept in cork flooring. It comes in a roll form and is similar to traditional wall to wall carpeting. It is ideal for spaces where reduction and absorption of impact noises are important such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, libraries, physiotherapy rooms, gyms, children’s nurseries and playrooms. It is natural, waterproof, has fewer joints, silent with acoustic and thermal insulation properties, resilient, strong and durable and easy and quick to install.


Cork underlay provides other types of floors, such as floating wooden or laminated floors, with extra thermal comfort.

The cork underlay is placed under floor heating systems to prevent heat going down allowing the heat to go upwards.

The cork underlays are available in various sizes, thicknesses and densities depending on the end usage. Cork underlay is an ecological and sustainable raw material and is environmentally friendly, odourless, rot-proof and anti allergenic.


Hydrocork is a unique floating cork floor, ideal for renovations, which can be installed on top of other surfaces avoiding the need to remove previously existing floors.

The Hydrocork is waterproof so it will not swell when exposed to humidity. The product is also suitable where low maintenance is a requirement.

When the product is installed, the cork core generates an internal tension creating a tight seal and stable installation. The Hydrocork is fixed with a revolutionary compression system. It takes only two simple steps to install a plank.
It comes with a lifetime warranty for residential use and a 15 year warranty for commercial use.

The Hydrocork board is available in 20 luxurious wood looks suitable for home and commercial environments. Featuring a 0.55mm wear layer they are adequate both for residential use and heavy traffic commercial spaces.

And, of course, they have the normal cork features of thermal insulation, impact resistance, silence and walking comfort.
The Hydrocork comes with a decorative material at the top, an agglomerated cork composite core and an underlay.

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