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Cork Fabric (Upholstery)

Also known as cork leather, this is a natural product produced from sheets of natural cork obtained directly from the bark of a cork oak tree. These thin cork sheets are adhered to a specific fabric support backing depending on the usage of the cork fabric.

A broad range of backings are available from various textile varieties – coagulated polyeurothene, polyester, cotton, nylon or paper, depending on the use of the cork fabric.

This amazing fabric is natural, durable and strong, renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, naturally fire retardant, water and stain resistant, dirt, dust and grease repellent, bacterial and fungal resistant, formaldehyde and chemical free, easy to clean with a damp cloth and clocks over 50,000 rubs on the martindale scale.

It looks and feels like a soft leather or nubuck suede and is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Cork fabric it is highly suitable for upholstery, the cladding of furniture, headboards and cushions and is suitable for domestic, contract and hospitality use.

It is available in a unique selection of textures and colours and digital designs and the cork leather comes in rolls of 25 meters and is 140cm wide and 0,8 cm thick.

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