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Cork Sustainable Building / Architechture Acoustic and Thermal Application

Cork, which is one of the most sustainable materials due to its remarkable adaptability and durability, is quickly becoming the new wonder material in the building of living and working spaces. Insulation has become mandatory in many countries and it is now compulsory now for all homes to have insulation. Cork is far superior to the standard foam insulation as it contains no chemicals or unwanted fibre pollution. Architects and designers are choosing cork as a leading building and interiors material due to its natural, raw, acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

There is gas in between each cell making them sound and heat insulators as well as natural sound absorbents. Cork has extremely low conductivity to heat, noise and vibration.

Cork insulation can be placed in the floors, interior or exterior walls or ceilings of any building.

Being 100% natural, cork has unique qualities that no technology can emulate. It is light, waterproof, insulating (thermal and acoustic), flexible, compressible, resistant to abrasion, temperature and the ravages of time, hypoallergenic and comfortable. Its application in the sustainable construction market is being more and more appreciated in terms of the quality of the buildings, the quality of indoor air and the thermal and acoustic comfort.

Cork was used in the Serpentine Gallery in London for seating, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Leonardo da Vinci museum in Milan, the Nezu Museum in Tokyo and the Cape Town Stadium. These are just some of the examples of the use of cork as a highly sophisticated and technically advanced building material. They are proof of how well this natural raw material combines so well with other materials.

In large infrastructure construction cork also plays an important role in building bridges and highways, in wind turbines, dams and airports.

Cork is a technologically relevant material for the 21st century competing in areas traditionally dominated by metals and oil derivatives. It was included in the Building Green top 10 products for 2013

With practically unlimited durability cork retains all its characteristics throughout the products useful life in addition to being 100% natural and completely recyclable.

Expanded Insulation Cork Boards for Interior and Exterior Application

Insulation cork is 100% natural and fully recyclable. It has virtually unlimited durability.
Expanded insulation cork boards are produced without any chemical additives. High technical performance cork insulation boards are available for thermal and acoustic insulation and decorative cladding of exterior and interior walls and ceilings. These are available in the regular expanded natural cork colour or the special roasted expanded dark brown colour.

The sxpanded insulation cork boards are available as plain slabs or a series of decorative rustic, wedge, wave slabs or 3D slabs.

For exterior application the cork is adhered to a MDF board.


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