MEDICI has over the years developed a portfolio of leathers from various mills who are conscious of the environmental impact and who have gone the extra mile in reducing the carbon footprint.  The most comprehensive way to see the various collections is to go into the leather manufacturer’s websites below and to ask Medici for a quote based on a specific quantity. The collections cover a multitude of qualities, colours,  and embossed surfaces for upholstery, cladding of furniture and leather walls.


Leather is produced in a wide variety of types, styles and qualities and by a variety of techniques and processes. The earliest record of leather artifacts dates back to 1300 BC.

In modern times  the quality of leather has been classified as follows.

TOP GRAIN LEATHER is regarded as the highest quality leather and consists of the outer layer of the hide. It is strong and durable and contains the natural markings in the leather. There are two types of top grain leather.

    This is top grain leather without the removal of the surface and is considered the highest quality leather. It comprises the entire thickness of the skin allowing for durability and strength. After a time it develops a beautiful patina.

    In this case the surface is subjected to various finishing treatments, such as buffing and sandpapering  to eliminate the flaws, scars and bug bites, and dyeing and embossing the surface thus creating a more uniform  and smooth appearance. This makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturer. This process also prevents stains, which would otherwise sink into full grain leather. In some cases an artificial grain is applied to its surface and then sprayed with stain and dyes to give the fake grain a more natural look.

    This is also a top grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side producing a velvet like surface.

  4. SUEDE
    This comes from split leather which has had the top grain rawhide removed. Cow leather has a rough feel so lamb, goat, calf and deerskin are used. The suede feels great but it is less durable and absorbs liquid easily due to its porous surface.

    This leather is at the bottom of the pyramid and is made out of left over scrap pieces of leather that are shredded into a pulp and then bonded together with polyeurothene or latex. As it is cheap ,it s popular with furniture upholsterers. They call it the sausage of leathers. In essence leather dust is mixed with vinyl and cannot be regarded as leather. Sometimes this is described as “genuine” leather.




Mostrotto runs an EXPRESS service with delivery of a range of upholstery and décor leathers with over 1000 colours within 48 hours. They hold 2km of shelving space. They are one of the most advanced leather companies in the world as regards reducing the environmental impact of leather processing. They are fully compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001. Mastrotto has received the Blauer Engel environmental certification and is a member of the European Green L.I.F.E project (Green Leather Industry for the Environment) - go to EXPRESS go to UPHOLSTERY


Prodital is a high quality Italian leather manufacturer specializing in Interior design and luxury furnishing. They have been involved in top projects – hotels, airports, yachts and the leather for the Italian senate. They supply embossed leathers in geometrics, exotics and floreal, plain leathers in waxed, solid, metallic and velvets finishes. Moreover Prodital offers a customized service. Thy can match any colour, offer FR and stain resistant treatments, special abrasion requirements, anti - scratch treatments. They can custom make leather panels saving on wastage and transport costs.


Wipelli offers a range of leathers used in the production of vintage, contemporary, classic and modern furniture. They also cater for the contract, hospitality, aircraft, marine and automotive industries. They run a same day service and are extremely sustainability conscious complying with the top European environmental requirements. They are one of the largest distributors of “hair on hides” worldwide.


Barberossa is known as the artisanal leather company specializing in the fashion and interior design markets supplying a wide range of plain, distressed and embossed leathers ranging from animal designs such as crocs to Aztec designs. Only the best raw materials are used sourced from all over the world and converted into products known for their colour, finish and texture. The end product is made with luxury and comfort in mind and the leathers are designed to be touched, smelled and enjoyed. Only full grained leather are used ensuring strength and durabiity and they are finished with a protective pigment or analine coat.


Studio Art provides unique furnishing solutions to the Interior design industry by way of exotic leather finishes, incredibly beautiful leather walls for signature spaces and leather rugs. Studio Art is a laboratory of ideas and techniques using eco friendly processes to decorate spaces and interiors with a personalized and unrivalled luxury. Studio Art is a fully integrated leather company from raw materials to the finished product. Their leather products have to be seen to be believed.