Trapped in

Converting lost, trapped souls into customers

With 18 years of experience in the internet communications field, Cundill researches and pioneers communication and technology solutions that have proven potential to change the face of business. Fiercely authentic with a drive – he is passionate about empowering any kind of business with the technology to inspire and cultivate sincerity and relevance through original, personalised customer journeys.

 Scott is a published author, international kung-fu medallist and prolific speaker. He is currently the CEO of


There are many lost souls out there, hovering on the verge of enquiring about your product or service… they just haven’t taken that leap of faith! This is called the .

David has a great business. It’s been going for quite some time. There are many people out there who know him and like what he does. So then:

Why aren’t they enquiring and ordering???

It’s because they are:

Trapped in


Let me explain:

SALES is divided into two distinct categories: PROSPECTING and CLOSING. They are polar opposites, requiring very different skills.

CLOSING deals requires a one-on-one meeting or telephone call. PROSPECTING is the art of getting in front of the right person in the first place.

Now, PROSPECTING is divided into two sub-categories: i) Connecting with new prospects and ii) Nurturing those prospects.

Connecting with new prospects: How do you make the initial connection with the right people in your target market? No, you don’t need to attend a million networking events. Forget skulking around trade shows and expos. To connect with the right people all you need is LinkedIn Automation.

How do you build relationships with the right people once you’ve found them? This is far more difficult and is discussed in detail here.

Now, the is that dark, awful, horrible place where those prospects who are being nurtured, but haven’t yet enquired with you or made a purchase, are trapped. They are frightened, they are scared and so many potential customers are trapped in... If only you could save them and turn them into sales!

Just one problem: you don’t know who is trapped in

Well, yes you do. It’s a simple case of tracking them, then giving them a score: how warm are they? If they score 4, then nurture them a little longer. If they score 20, call them right now because they are ready to engage with you! When you know how warm a prospect is, you can proactively reach out and save them from

We call this JESS: Journey Engagement Scoring System. JESS is our heroine, savior of the stuck. She can help you get leads on LinkedIn, warm them up for you and score them. And she is completely automated.

Be a savior. Be a hero! Unshackle those poor souls who are unknowingly trapped in your .

Scott Cundill is the co-founder and CEO of