Mick McCormick

Mick was born and raised in Zimbabwe and after leaving school he studied teaching and taught primary school for three years. The exciting prospect of living overseas lured him to London where he started his sales career in 1970. He spent three years selling in a highly motivating but competitive environment with excellent coaching and mentoring in sales before returning to Zimbabwe.

Mick moved to Johannesburg in 1975 and was National Sales Manager for a highly successful business equipment company for eleven years. During this time he spent twelve weeks in the United States on intensive Sales and Sales Management courses and decided to open McMcormick Institute of Training in 1986. Mick has conducted over 4500 Leadership, Sales, and Customer Experience Workshops with delegates totalling in excess of fifty thousand. He also conducts exclusive One on One Coaching and Mentoring Programs and is regarded by many as a guru in the Leadership Sales and Customer Experience arena.

His ability to customise both content and the style of facilitation for each intervention he conducts has enabled Mick to become one of the most trusted and respected Leaders in the development of Human Capital in South Africa.
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